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Trimble MCS Warranties

Trimble MCS Standard Manufacturer Warranty

Trimble MCS handheld computing products, including the Yuma® 2, Nomad®, Recon®, and Ranger™ 3 rugged mobile computers, come with a one-year (12 month) standard manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship from or by the manufacturer.

The Juno® T41 line of computer handhelds come with a two-year (24 month) standard manufacturer warranty.

The PG200 GNSS receiver comes with a two-year (24-month) warranty but is not eligible for an extended warranty. Additionally, all Trimble MCS computer accessory products feature a one-year standard manufacturer warranty for materials and workmanship.


Extended Warranty Eligible Products

The following Trimble MCS rugged computing products are eligible for an Extended Warranty:

  • Trimble Yuma 2 tablet computer – 2 year extended warranty option
  • Trimble Juno T41 handheld computer line – 2 year extended warranty option
  • Trimble Nomad handheld computer line – 1, 2, 3 or 4 year extended warranty option, to equal 5 years of total extended coverage
  • Trimble Ranger 3 handheld computer – 1, 2, 3 or 4 year extended warranty option, to equal 5 years of total extended coverage

Accessory items are not included, but are covered for one year in the standard manufacturer warranty.


Extended Warranty Program Benefits

Trimble's Extended Warranty Coverage can extend the standard Trimble factory warranty coverage on your rugged computers 3 to 5 years from the original purchase date. (three years for Juno T41 and Yuma 2; five years for Nomad and Ranger).

With an Extended Warranty, you get:

  • Protection against hardware defects
  • Transferable ownership of the warranty
  • No deductible for warranty claims


Extended Warranty Program Requirements

  • The Extended Warranty must be purchased either at the time of purchase of your new handheld computer or within first year of ownership, before the standard 1-year warranty expires.
  • A rugged outdoor computer must be returned with the serial number intact to qualify for repairs under warranty (standard or extended).
  • Trimble may repair or replace your rugged outdoor computer at our discretion.
  • The Extended Warranty does not cover PowerBoot Modules, battery packs or caps, nor does it cover consumable accessory items such as a screen protector, stylus or stylus tether.
  • Refer to Terms and Conditions or Warranty Certificate for legal binder (Section 3.1)

Note: Extended Warranties are non-renewable; a 2-year extended warranty cannot be extended to a second 2-year extended warranty


Legacy Products still under warranty

The Trimble MCS handheld computer products Recon and the original Yuma tablet are no longer being sold; however there are many in the field still covered by extended warranty packages.

If you have a Recon or original Yuma tablet computer under warranty that needs service, please contact Trimble technical support just as you would for any current product.

  • Trimble Yuma tablet computer – 2 year extended warranty option
  • Trimble Recon handheld computer – 2 year extended warranty option