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Ranger 7 - Empower

The Trimble® EMPOWER™ Ranger 7 tablet/ handheld is an 7-inch, fully-rugged field handheld computer for professional organizations that know they can’t afford to take shortcuts. Bringing together the scalable flexibility of the Trimble EMPOWER, a bold 7-inch handheld computer form-factor, and the industry-leading Windows 10 Pro OS, the Ranger 7 delivers a perfect combination of strength, smarts, and flexibility, making it perfectly suited to large scale field data capture in nearly any industry and application.

The Ranger 7 is available in North America and International configurations.

Models and options are listed below:

Model RAM/Storage GPS Bluetooth/WiFi Compass Accelerometer Camera (front and rear) WWAN (4G Data)
L 8 GB / 64 GB 2-4 M x x x x  
X 8 GB / 64 GB 2-4 M x x x x x