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The Trimble® Kenai™ 10 inch tablet is a reliable, rugged, mobile computer designed for ease of use and high performance in the field. This is the tablet for those mobile workers who need a computer they can count on no matter where the job takes them, or how long they have to stay in the field to get the job done.

Featuring the Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional operating system, powered by a 1.46GHz dual-core Intel™ Atom E3826 processor, the Kenai brings professional grade computing to the field.

Mobile workers who require large screens for forms and documents have the advantage with a capacitive multitouch display that is for finger, glove-sensitive, or can be customized for stylus performance.

For field mapping, imagery and asset management, the Kenai comes standard with an Integrated GPS Receiver and antenna supporting several ancillary GNSS protocols (L1 GPS, SBAS, GLONASS, BeiDou) providing accuracy in the range of 2-4 meters (6-13 feet). In addition, it supports connecting an external GPS antenna and cable that can be utilized when users are on foot or inside a vehicle.

Take photographs and video of business resources and assets in the field to provide clear status visuals, and geotag to provide security as well as business intelligence. Communicate it immediately to management and meet compliance and auditing requirements in an easy, accurate computerized record.

data only
KEN46 4 GB 64 GB no
KEN88 8 GB 128 GB optional
KEN89 8 GB 256 GB optional