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Sales and Return Policies

Trimble MCS Store Policies and Legal Statements

All business conducted on the Trimble MCS Store is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Sale set forth in your Trimble MCS Reseller Agreement.

In addition, there are certain policies, restrictions, limitations and exceptions related to the Trimble MCS Store. These are listed below, and may change from time to time and without prior notification: 


If you require assistance using this store, or have an enquiry regarding an order placed using the store, please contact Trimble MCS Inside Sales at 541-750-9200.


The Trimble MCS Store displays list price for all products. Any contractual discount and net purchase price for each product can be viewed in your shopping "Cart." Calculations for shipping and taxes are also included within the "Cart." 

Store Security

Your orders are visible only to you, with your security being provided by user name and password. You are required to ensure that these login credentials are provided only to those members of your company staff who have legitimate reason to be placing orders with Trimble. Do not reveal your login credentials to anyone else. If a member of staff leaves your company, or you have reason to believe that the confidentiality of your password has been compromised, please contact Trimble MCS Inside Sales immediately so we can issue you a new password.

Geographical Store Availability

The Trimble MCS Store is available globally.

Product Availability

Most current Trimble MCS products can be ordered from the Trimble MCS Store. Some older accessories are not listed on the Trimble Store, but may still be available in small quantities (and potentially with longer lead-time than usual). Some Trimble MCS-produced products are only available for purchase through other Trimble divisions. You should contact Trimble MCS Inside Sales if a product you wish to purchase is not listed on the store. 

Sales Promotions and Special Offers

The Trimble MCS Store is intended to be the fastest, most convenient way to purchase Trimble MCS products. Most sales promotions and special offers will be available on the store. However from time to time it may prove impractical to implement some special deals on the store. In these cases, a  bulletin announcing the special offer will explain how to participate in the offer.