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    UHF RFID Sample Tag Pack



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    Pack of nine (9) RFID tags
    • Omni-ID Rigid
    • Omni-ID Flex Rigid
    • Omni-ID Curv
    • Omni-ID MaxSQ
    • Confidex Survivor
    • Confidex Captura
    • William-Frick WF-SM-30D
    • Vanguard Teslin rectangular
    • Vanguard Teslin "stick"

    The RFID Tag Pack consists of 9 different tags, suitable for use in an outdoor environment. All but two of the tags are designed to be placed directly on metal objects (the other two can be hung from metal objects or placed flat on non-metal objects). A variety of attachment methods are supported by these tags, including an adhesive layer on the back of the tag, holes for screws or rivets, a clasp for hanging the tag from a cable and an integrated cable for wrapping around large pipes. All tags are encoded with a unique value (incorporating the Trimble vendor ID) and those whose surface can support an adhesive label have their unique value represented by text, 1D barcodes and/or 2D QR-codes. The type of text or code used depends on the size and shape of the tag and the label that can be affixed.

    The RFID Tag Pack is intended to provide end-user customers and solution providers with an easy and cost-effective way to test and evaluate several different rugged RFID tags to determine suitability of the tags for specific customer use scenarios. These RFID tags are intended for outdoor use on machinery, vehicles, utility infrastructure and more. Most of the tags are rated to IP67 or IP68 standards. Those that are not rated are obviously very durable, and customers must evaluate the suitability of these tags in the intended customer environments.

    See the Contents description and product image for more details about the RFID tags in the Sampler Pack.

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